Green Building

Going Green With Home Automation and Smart Technology

Smart technology is gaining in popularity! Modern homes use smart technology to help increase security, improve energy efficiency, boost property values and make life more convenient. If you'd like to go green in your home, knowing where to start and which smart products to buy is important. 

Get A Home Assistant

A home assistant is an app or a product that can control the other smart devices in your home. The home assistant can be used to control your home's lights, ceiling fans, HVAC system and other smart devices. A home assistant makes controlling a smart home easy and fun. 

If you're thinking about installing more than one smart device in your home, getting a home assistant is a good way to maintain total control of your environment. Get the home assistant first, before buying any other smart devices. This way you'll be able to choose smart devices that are compatible with your home assistant. 

Smart Thermostats Keep You Comfortable

Smart thermostats do a lot more than the programmable thermostats of a few decades ago. Smart thermostats learn your habits and control the temperature based on your daily patterns. In addition, smart thermostats can track homeowner movements to keep the home comfortable as the homeowner comes and goes. Smart thermostats do more than keep the home at a good temperature; they also help save money and improve quality of life. 

Smart Window Shades Improve Security and Control Temperature

Smart window shades raise and lower the window shades based on homeowner preference and time of day. Through the home assistant, homeowners can control smart window shades from any location where they have a WiFi-signal. Raising and lowering the shades at the appropriate time of day can present the illusion that someone is at home. In this way, smart window shades can improve home security. Similarly, in concert with energy star rated windows, smart shades can help in regulating room temperature, thus adding to energy savings.

Smart Lights Make Your Home Inviting

Turning on smart lights at home is easy with controls on your computer, smart phone or mobile device. Turning off the lights is just as easy, so you can reduce your home's light usage without getting up or wandering through the house. Certain types of smart lights can also learn your habits and light usage patterns. When you're not home, your smart lights will turn on and off in your normal patterns, making it look like your house is occupied. 

Smart Locks Provide Peace of Mind

Want to know who came to your door while you were away? Need to know who is knocking on your door now? Smart locks come with features that give homeowners total control over their locks even from far away. Using the smart lock app or the home assistant, smart locks make it possible to unlock and lock the doors at home using the touch of a button. Smart locks also give homeowners the ability to track who comes in the house and when. 

DIYing Your Smart Home

Most smart home technology can be installed as a DIY project. Researching product reviews and checking compatibility with the home assistant before making a purchase will help ensure greater satisfaction with the final product.

Installing smart technology in your home can save money and improve property value. Get started today!

Content provided courtesy Ryan Tollefsen REALTOR® Unity Home Group at Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group