"Dan helped us to buy an investment property. He was very professional and also looked out for our interests. He was very helpful in educating us about the market and helped us through every step of the buying process. We couldn't have gone through the stressful buying/bidding process and landed ourselves our dream property without the help of Dan."

I highly recommend him to anyone who is seriously looking for a property.

Willie & Alice
Oakland investors

“Dan was instrumental in helping me find an investment property. His market research was excellent and the entire process was enjoyable. His expertise in negotiating was critical in acquiring the property I wanted. I would recommend Dan to any buyer of a residential property.

After remodeling this property, I again called upon Dan to list the property for sale. He produced professional marketing materials and helped with the pricing of the property based on solid comparable properties. The property sold for full price within two weeks of the listing. Dan facilitated all aspects of the sale. He can be counted on to represent anyone in the sale of their property.

I was very pleased with Dan’s real estate skills—as well as with the quality of the documentation he produced. He provided excellent service and I cannot be more pleased with the results of his outstanding efforts. He was always easy to contact and readily available to help. Overall, I would give Dan the strongest possible recommendation, as he provides work of very high quality, he is honest, and he is interested in doing the job right and doing it well!”

Ken D.
real estate investor, Lafayette

"I feel like we really lucked out when we met Dan. Aside from being the smartest agent you're likely to meet, he's also the hardest working and possibly the nicest. Dan is just a great guy. If you're going through the process of buying a house, you want someone exactly like Dan. If you're serious about your search, it's going to take some time to find the right property and you want someone like Dan helping you out through every step of the process.

Before we met Dan, we'd been looking for a home for a long time without much luck. He helped us focus on what we really wanted and hone in on our first home purchase. We looked at many properties in the East Bay. Dan was always on time and offered helpful insights into the house, the neighborhoods, the surrounding neighborhoods, etc. Whatever we needed to know Dan had the answer or could get it quickly.

Once we found what was going to be our new home, Dan helped us negotiate the price, understand the incredibly complicated paperwork process, walked us through reams of document signings with the builder, the title company and finally the various property disclosures, all with patience and great sense of humor.

I cannot recommend Dan highly enough. When it comes time to sell our place and find our next home, Dan is going to be the first person I call."

Andrew H.
Richmond homebuyer

"Dan helped my wife and I find our first house and I would absolutely recommend him for his excellent services!

He is very thorough and has great connections with lenders and title companies for a comprehensively streamlined experience from going to open houses, communicating with listing agents and coordinating the escrow/closing process.

As my wife and I are in the architecture and design profession, we were very particular about our needs and one of Dan's talents is his ability to listen, provide feedback and tailor listings based on our desires and needs which we find quite rare among all the other potential agents we inquired with.

Best of all, in a hot market, we were able to find our dream home, compete in bidding, and close in a very short amount of time. His ability to understand and predict the market was impeccable. His negotiation and communication with the listing agent helped us get to where we are and we are so happy with his performance. It was amazing how quickly we went from just looking at the home to closing and moving in! : )

I strongly would recommend reaching out to Dan for any real estate needs and will pass his info to anyone in our network looking to buy or sell. He was the perfect find for our needs and am sure he will continue helping others throughout his bright career!"

Ani & Brittany
Oakland home buyers

"My wife and I were very lucky to find Dan Suich, a rare combination of smarts, patience, and perhaps most importantly, humor. Buying a house in the bay area can be tricky and Dan amiably helped us every step of the way. We began our search looking for one kind of property, but when circumstances forced us to put our search on hold, Dan was extremely sympathetic and extended himself above and beyond the call of duty.

When we resumed our search a year later, Dan was happy to begin the process again—even though we had revised what we were looking for. We were a little worried that he wouldn't take us seriously, but he was happy to start anew and help us find what we were looking for. He put us in touch with wonderful people—everyone from our mortgage broker (Paul Laterza is a gem!), to the inspectors.

Dan was always prompt in responding to our emails and he was very good at listening to what we wanted and how we felt about the houses we looked at. Prior to meeting Dan, we encountered realtors with whom it was difficult to connect and who came across as very insincere. We never felt like Dan was telling us what we wanted to hear; he is honest, reliable, hard-working, and fun to be around. He was instrumental in helping us purchase our first house and we can't imagine having anyone else be a part of the process!"

Hannah and Jason
Berkeley homebuyers

"I would highly recommend Dan for your next real estate transaction. Dan is not only our friend but he helped us purchase our first home and served as a wealth of knowledge and a great guide along the way. He introduced us to his mortgage broker, Arlo Zoerner, of Summit Funding, and through the efforts of the two of them we closed the deal. Even when we hit a rough patch in escrow when our first appraisal didn't come close to where our offer was, the two of them renegotiated with the sellers on our behalf for the next week or two and got the escrow back on track. I know Dan has great customer service skills and they were very responsive to us throughout the whole period."

Oakland home buyer

"Dan is a sincere and trustworthy guy; he has a great sense of humor and is calm and intelligent. It is reassuring to have such a solid personality in the real estate arena."

Jill W.
longtime local area resident

"Dan is such a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate! He provided us with 3rd party vendors for home improvement. Dan was very professional and helped us sell the house. Highly recommend Dan!"

Ingrid & Rosita
Montclair homesellers

 “Dan was very professional and responsive. He was a hard worker, and I would refer him to any friends or colleagues. Dan was helpful from beginning to end.”

Claremont Hills homebuyer

"Dan Suich was the best real estate agent in the world for me and helped me find my dream home. It was about a 15-month journey and like Virgil guiding Dante through the Inferno, Dan guided me through the trials and tribulations of the real estate market to my Paradise of a home! Dan has to be one of the best agents/guides out there for every step of the way.

In the beginning I was on a steep learning curve as this is my first home purchase. Dan taught me how to identify the regions to look in, about things to look for structurally in houses, and how to detect serious potential problems in the structures and on the property. By the time I found my home I was educated and informed enough to know this was it. It was the first property I made a offer on. I got the bid and the closing went completely easily and smoothly thanks to Dan.

Dan made getting through the enormous amount of paperwork not only easy but enjoyable and educational. The people he recommended for me to work with including Paul Laterza for my mortgage broker and Holly Potenziani for my Escrow Officer were excellent. Every professional Dan has recommended (handy men, contractors, locksmiths, etc) have been knowledgable, expert, and especially good with customer service.

I am a professional musician so did not have a million-dollar budget. Dan regularly deals with very upscale properties and treated me just like a multi-million-dollar client. He returned every call or email promptly, took time to get to know me, and had the perfect instinct for knowing where to let me think about things and where to jump in with advice. I always felt totally supported and understood through the entire process. As well as being a super real estate agent Dan is a very intelligent, informed, great guy with a wonderful sense of humor."

Cheryl F.
El Sobrante homebuyer