Safe Fish Dining and Shopping Guide

Have you ever wanted to know when dining out or shopping for dinner, “what kinds of fish are okay to eat?”

We all know that certain fish can bio-accumulate toxins like mercury and PCB’s, some are endangered due to overfishing, while others are being farmed with methods which use antibiotics or release harmful toxins or microorganisms into the marine environment.

So which fish are currently seen as “safe” to eat from both a health and an environmental point of view? Here is a list compiled by the folks at

salmon rosemary

·Dungeness crab
·Flounder (summer)
·King crab
·Lobster (spiny/rock)
·Mid-Atlantic blue crab
·Northern shrimp (US-farmed)
·Alaskan salmon (wild)
·White shrimp (US-farmed)
·Bay scallops (farmed)
·Spot prawn
·Stone crab

A second, or “caution” category should be eaten no more than once per month, due to toxin levels:

·Blue mussel
·Channel (wild) catfish
·Cod (except Atlantic)
·Eastern oyster
·Gulf Coast blue crab
·Lake Trout
·Lake whitefish

A third list of those fish to avoid completely includes catfish, cod, tuna, salmon, shrimp, and swordfish, among others. The full list can be found here as a PDF that can be printed out to keep in your wallet for future reference.